The Oatmeal – Running

In case you aren’t familiar with The Oatmeal, here is your chance to become acquainted.  This is probably the best thing I’ve read about running.  Forget all your lame motivational pinteresty-tumblry-instagrammy B.S. – this is the real deal.  I’ve only posted part 1 of 6, so read on at


Ladies, get into cycling.

Although I am and shall remain a Lululemon hater, I love this video about the Specialized/Lululemon women’s pro cycling team.  If you are a runner, an aspiring triathlete, a girl who likes to work out or wants to get in shape, anybody who owns a bike… do yourself a favor and try riding a real road bike.  As fast as you can.  Up a big hill and back down.  And you will see why cycling feels good enough to make you forget you’re wearing spandex shorts with a pad and a helmet in front of judgmental onlookers in traffic.

Hot Yoga – Finally!

I returned home from a few weeks of traveling this week and decided it was time to start some new fitness routines.  I’ll be back to working too much again very soon, and I’m sure the Vancouver rain will return before I know it.

So I joined a new fitness center and I attended an early morning hot yoga today.  I love to sweat, but I can’t say I’ve ever sweat so much in one hour.  Not even in the toughest spin class.  It felt good, although I had a little difficulty gauging how much effort I was exerting because I was constantly in awe of the amount of sweat dripping off my face and onto the mat.  Doesn’t matter much either way, because in the winter, that hot yoga class is going to be my new favorite place.

Road Cycling in Whistler

After having so much fun in Whistler for the Tough Mudder, we decided to head back up midweek and hang out for a couple of days when the hotels were 1/3 the price.  Besides relaxation, the mission was for my boyfriend to finally try road biking for the first time.  On the way up, we were treated to some amazing views on Sea-to-Sky highway.  The water was a very unusual light turquoise.  Anyone know why it looks this way?  Glacial sediment or something?  Whatever the cause, it’s absolutely gorgeous.  We were so disappointed that we only had iPhone cameras.



Back to the cycling – he got a fantastic deal on a rental from the friendly, helpful folks at Arbutus Routes and ended up riding a carbon fiber Specialized Roubaix…a very sweet bike.  We cruised the highway and around some very scenic roads for a few hours and got some pretty funny GoPro footage of the bf almost bailing on a fast downhill.  I had to explain to him that when you’re going 40mph on a bike you have to be ready to slow down for curves!  He ran off the road, but wasn’t hurt and managed not to crash the bike.  The outing was a complete success because J had a great time …so it shouldn’t be too hard to convince him to do it again.  The ride included some decent climbing, and it was hot, so we were beat at the end and looking forward to some pizza in the hotel room.

View from the ride.

View from the ride.


Our little getaway happened to coincide with the Whistler Longboard Festival, so we were treated to some world-class skateboarding action.  Highlights included the Big Air (flying down a huge ramp) and Freestyle Jam (basically trick skateboarding).

This guy was definitely getting "Big Air"!  Not sure he landed it though...

This guy was definitely getting “Big Air”! Not sure he landed it though…


We also took the opportunity to make a stop at Pure Bread, which is one of the best bakeries I’ve been to.  I got a Lemon Basil Blueberry scone (yes – basil!), which is now my second favorite scone after my beloved Rockenwagner Ginger Scone.  Not that I’m a scone connoisseur or anything. 🙂

Pure Bread @ Whistler Village.

Pure Bread @ Whistler Village.


So now I’m a Whistler lover.  And for the first time, I feel like there is something I’ll really miss about this area when I move back to LA.  If only the summer here weren’t so short!

We also hung out with the horses while they waited to head out on their trail ride.

Hanging out with the horses while they waited to head out on their trail ride.


Until next time…